5 Home Crossfit Workouts Using A Weighted Vest

Lockdown is tough for everyone – the gyms are closed, it’s cold outside, and we’re all itching to hit the weights again. But it’s not the time to pause, it’s time to double down. We can all train from home and keep our fitness up, ready for the return to normal.

Luckily, you don’t need much equipment at all to get a seriously tough workout in from home. Check out the below bodyweight workouts and, if it’s too easy for you, add a weighted vest! Pro tip; check out all the benefits training with a weighted vest offers! 

Home Workout With Weighted Vest

Home Murph

Welcome to the deep end. Murph is a famous CrossFit workout but traditionally has 100 pull ups. We have swapped the pull-ups for Bent Over Rows as these also target the upper back muscles, but do not require having a pull-up bar at home. This is a gruelling workout guaranteed to show you just how tough working out at home can be.

For time:
1 Mile Run
100 Bent Over Rows, per arm (use your weight vest or another household object)
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

Don’t forget to log your time and comment on our instagram posts to see how you stack up with other Force Fitness athletes!

No More Legs

We apologize in advance for the burn in this workout. Get ready for gains.

10 rounds for time:
10 Stair Sprints (sprint up, jog down = 1 rep, don’t skip any steps)
20 Tuck Jumps (knees to chest)
30 Air Squats

Home Cindy

A CrossFit classic. You can do this everyday and watch yourself improve. This is also a completely fat-shredding workout.

AMRAP 20 Minutes:
5 Bent Over Rows, per arm (use your weight vest or another household object)
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

Who doesn’t love Burpees?

This is a straightforward workout, but with a twist. It’s a death race. Psych yourself up, get ready, you need to go all out. No breaks. No pauses for thought, no pauses for breath, no pauses to even drink.

Make sure you pace yourself and move at a fixed rate the entire time – you won’t succeed going at 100% from the first rep. The next 5 minutes of life are burpees – nothing else exists. Test yourself, go!

6 minute time cap:
100 Burpees

Chest Day at Home

This workout must be performed on a Monday, and will help you stay sculpted and strong in what is a difficult area to train at home. A lot of home workouts focus on the legs, but we’re here to help, check out the below:

5 Rounds:
15 Push-ups
5 Shoulder Push-ups
10 Bent Over Rows

Make sure to tag us in your workouts on Instagram and DM us if you have any questions or would like any tips prior to engaging in any workouts!


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