Lockdown Workouts For All Abilities

The gyms might be closed, but that doesn’t mean your workout has to suffer. In this guide, you can find some of our recommended weighted vest workouts by our own Force Fitness community.

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1. Outdoor Workout with PT Katie

This is a fantastic outdoor workout that can be done anywhere. All you need is a Force Fitness weighted vest, grit and determination, and then you’re ready to go. 👊

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2. Ultimate Arm Workout with Charles Mance

A weighted vest is a great addition to any workout. It helps to develop full body strength and increases endurance, whether you are working the core, legs, back or arms. 💪

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3. Full Body Workout With Joe Tayla

This is a great full body weighted vest workout, especially if you’re looking to burn those extra pounds gained over Christmas. The added weight from the vest increases cardio to get the heart pumping and calories burning faster. 💦

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4. Leg Workout with Pure Gym’s Kay

Another simple, yet effective workout that can be completed anywhere! The weight from the vest will add extra pressure during those leg exercises, you’re guaranteed to feel the burn! 🔥

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5. Rack Chins with PT Marc

If like Marc, you’re a seasoned pro and have your own equipment at home, adding a weighted vest to your rack chins will push your core to its limits. This workout will help to not only burn calories, but increase muscle strength too.💥





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