Weighted Vest Care Guide

Force Fitness weighted vests are built with premium materials for lifetime durability. They have reinforced stitching and durable seams to withstand weights of up to 40kg. Built for battlefield environments and gruelling workouts, these vests are difficult to damage, provided they are not invincible. Our weighted vest care guide supplies all the information you need to get the most out of your vest.

How To Wear And Handle Your Weighted Vest

Like other gym equipment, your weighted vest is manufactured using high quality materials and craftsmanship, so it's integral you care for your weighted vest correctly. Although your vest will make you feel like you’re invincible, these steps must be followed to ensure it reaches its full potential.


  • Ensure all internal and external velcro straps are securely in place
  • Wear your vest during Murph or other highly demanding workouts
  • Get chalk on your vest and other battle scars 
  • Feel proud of your achievements whilst wearing a weighted vest


  •  Drop your vest after a workout or throw it at any point in it’s life 
  • Hold your vest by the adjustable side straps or tug on the adjustable straps with sharp force 
  • Pick up the vest by the adjustable side straps, always use the shoulder straps or the body of the weighted vest

How To Wash Your Weighted Vest

Your vest is made for you to excel in training in both indoor and outdoor, tough environments. Naturally this will mean your vest may gather dirt and dust which you’ll need to remove. Luckily, caring for your weighted vest couldn’t be simpler. All you need is warm water, detergent and a scourer.


  • Wash your weighted vest by hand with warm soapy water 
  • Use a scourer to scrub at any hard to remove stains 
  • Simply air dry following the deep clean


  •  Use bleach or other agents that may affect the colour of the vest
  • Wash and dry the weighted vest with the steel plates still inside

Can You Put A Weighted Vest In The Washing Machine?

As long as you remove the plates before, using a washing machine can be suitable for your weighted vest. However, this shouldn’t be the preferred method of washing as it can damage the stitching and velcro. We advise sticking to handwashing your vest to ensure you get optimum life out of it. Our weighted vests are built for tough workouts, gruelling obstacle course races, and all forms of tactical training. Explore the Force Fitness range of weighted vests today to take your training to the next level.


Please enquire with our customer service team at help@force-fit.co.uk, quoting your order number, should you have any queries on how to care for your vest.

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