4 ways to get adventure fit in winter

Get ready for a summer packed with outdoor adventure by training hard this winter

You know what they say: “summer bodies are made in the winter”. We’re not so fussed about what our bodies look like, but more about what they can do. We like to be fit enough to grind out an all-day adventure, and strong enough to haul ourselves over any obstacle. 

If you’re like us, and want to be fit enough to say “hell yes” to any adventure that comes calling, it’s time to put in the hard work… now.

 What is adventure fit?

Being “adventure fit” means having the ability to jump in to any outdoor activity and get it done. The great outdoors offers us an amazing range of physical challenges, from climbing to hiking, water sports to rucking. When you’re adventure fit, you can say yes to it all.

 Maybe you’ve got an activity adventure planned for 2023, or perhaps you want to keep your options open. Training to be adventure fit means you’ll be ready to pick up your weighted vest and go without a moment’s thought.

Hybrid fitness for summer adventures 

Training for just one sport or modality might make you really good at that activity, but it won’t turn you into a well-rounded athlete who can cope with anything. Hybrid training means doing a bit of everything: cardio, lifting, calisthenics, sprints, and sports. A hybrid athlete is fit, strong, and mentally resilient enough to take on any challenge.

How to be fit for outdoor adventure 

The best way to get adventure fit is to adopt a hybrid training style (especially over winter when it’s difficult to access all the outdoor sports you need). You’ll need to train baseline endurance (cardio), strength (resistance training), and functional strength (calisthenics or odd-object training). Not only will this stand you in good stead for your summer adventures, but you’ll get seriously fit for the winter months and keep any seasonal weight gain at bay!

Can you train for outdoor adventures with indoor workouts

Is it really possible to train for epic outdoor adventures with indoor-only workouts? It’s not ideal, but it’s definitely possible. And if dark nights or icy temperatures mean outdoor training is unsafe, then indoor workouts are actually your best bet.

4 ways to get adventure fit in winter

CV fitness – this means cardio! Train your heart, lungs, and endurance with twice-weekly cardio sessions. This could be outdoor running or bike rides at the weekends, or long intervals on cardio kit like rower or bike. Anything that gets your heart rate up for 20+ minutes at a time.

Interval training – short, sharp cardio at a higher intensity will fine-tune your fitness and make everything else feel easier. It’s also killer for weight maintenance (and you might be grateful for that when you’re hiking up a mountain next summer!) Do sprint work on a running track, treadmill, air bike, rowing machine or ski erg.

Strength training – use classic resistance training to build strength and muscle mass so you’ll be able to cope with outdoor adventure challenges in 2023. Focus on lower body work for the legs, hips and bum, and upper body push and pull work for the back and shoulders.

Functional strength – don’t neglect functional strength training. This kind of work will prepare your body for carrying a weighted pack or pulling your bodyweight up and over natural obstacles. Train the key movement patterns of pull, push, squat, lunge, hinge, rotation, and gait. Using odd objects like sandbags and med balls makes your body work harder.

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