We hope you're excited to train in your weighted vest! So that you can get the most out of your order we have included a guide below on how to load your vest and how to put it on correctly. 

How to put the weight vest plates in your vest:

1.Place the vest flat on a sturdy surface and locate the two small Velcro tabs at the bottom corners of the vest, open both of these.

Weighted vest plate

2.Open the long Velcro seam and reach inside to pull out a large Velcro flap, and two long Velcro straps.

Plates for weighted vest
Weighted vest plate insertion
Vest plates
weight vest weight plates

3.Slide the plate into the space all the way, and then attach the two long Velcro straps to the top of the inside. Then simply fold the large Velcro flap over the plate, and seal the long Velcro seam.

weight plate insertion on vest
how to insert your weight plates

4.Once the plate is pushed in, fold the straps that were pulled out back inside the vest and stick them to the velcro inside.

Velcro plate insertion
velcro insertion of weight plates

5.Close up the vest as shown and then fold the two small velcro tabs, that you started with, back over.

weighted vest with plates

6.Repeat this step for the other side of the vest.

How to put on your weight vest:

  1. Locate the two small Velcro tabs from earlier, at the bottom corners of the front of the vest. The front of the vest is marked by your Force Fitness patch.
  2. Open the large front panel by lifting the Velcro straps forward.
  3. Pull the Velcro waistband straps off, opening the waistband up and separating the vest.
  4. Slot the vest on over your head, and then reach round to your sides and pull the waistbands back in.
  5. Attach the waistbands to the front of the vest underneath the large front panel, choosing a tightness suited to you.
  6. Close the front panel over the waistband straps and close the two small Velcro tabs in the corners.

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