Become an adventurer - train outside the box

Enjoy the outdoors by cultivating your adventurer spirit.

We love to walk, hike, run and run because there’s so much more to fitness than the gym. Why limit activity to formal fitness when you can push the boundaries of what your body is capable of? Here’s how to unleash your inner adventurer (even if it’s only at the weekends!)

Big benefits of becoming a weekend adventurer

Take your training out of the gym and adopt an ‘any time, anywhere’ attitude to physical activity. Start seeing the world around you as one big playground for hiking, rucking, climbing, and exploring and you’ll reap the physical and mental health benefits of the adventurer outlook.

Emotional wellbeing – exploring the great outdoors without rigid rules is great for your brain health and mental wellness. Being outside puts everyday stresses into perspective, and switching off (or at least putting down your devices) promotes creativity and calm.

Cardiovascular fitness – exploring is an incredible way to build and maintain base CV endurance and fitness in a way no sport or gym workout can ever achieve. Hills, trails, rivers and mountains invite you to go further and work harder – and you won’t even notice the physical effort.

Connectivity with nature – being in nature is a great way to de-stress, and it’s also a powerful way to reconnect with your values, look after the environment, and appreciate the wider world.

Self-confidence – when you push your mind and body to achieve outdoor adventures, you have the opportunity to see what you’re really capable of. Physical adventures ask you to make decisions, figure out solutions to challenges, and say yes so you can move forward – and that’s empowering.

Athletic strength – outdoor adventuring builds the kind of functional, athletic strength that you don’t get from a structure gym plan. Your body will have to push, pull, and haul your own weight up and over obstacles as you challenge every muscle in your body. It’s a full body workout, moving your body the way nature intended.


7 ways to train like an adventurer

1. Write a bucket list

Unleash your inner adventurer by dreaming big. What kind of adventurers inspire your imagination. Forget about logistics for now – simply brainstorm the types of adventures you’d love to achieve.

2. Break it into short term goals

Now you know what you want to achieve in life, break these major goals into smaller stepping stones. If your big dream is to swim the English Channel, look into smaller swims or wild swimming spots near you. If your goal is to climb Everest, research smaller mountains and the hilliest local walking routes. You get the idea.

3. Map out local routes

Most of us need to wait for the weekend to let our outdoor adventuring spirit run free. So map out local walks, hikes, climbs, swims (or whatever floats your boat) so you have an adventure wish list on your doorstep.

4. Adopt an ‘anytime, anywhere’ attitude

True adventurers are ready to take on any challenge. Don’t pass up the opportunity for an hour’s hiking or a quick blast on the mountain bike just because it’s a busy Tuesday. Keep your eyes peeled for any chance to get out there and move your body – anything is always better than nothing.

5. Gather your adventurer friends

Solo adventuring has its charms, but epic adventures are often better shared with friends. Get a group of friends together for different kinds of outdoor adventures, and start making plans.

6. Get kitted out

Be a smart adventurer by covering all the basis with kit for wind, weather, temperature, terrain and navigation. Buy quality so you don’t have to buy twice! Good adventuring kit should work as hard as you do and withstand anything nature throws your way.

7. Make memories

Don’t forget to enjoy your adventures! Take photos, record your routes, write notes or journal the best memories of every trip. The memories will keep you going until the next time…

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