Choosing the Right Weighted Vest - Comparison

Your Ultimate Weighted Vest Choice

A weighted vest is an essential addition to any active lifestyle, providing a hands-free method to enhance workouts, runs, long walks, or even rucks. As you delve into the world of weighted vests, understanding the various types available is crucial to select the one best suited to your fitness goals.

Force Fitness and Gravity Fitness Weighted Vests: A Comparative Overview

Force Fitness and Gravity Fitness, sister companies renowned for their commitment to providing quality functional equipment, offer distinct styles of weighted vests suited for different fitness styles. Let's explore these two high end options and why one might be preferable over the other for you.

Force Fitness Plate Weighted Vests

Force Fitness weighted vests boast a longer profile, making them ideal for activities like running, hiking, rucking, walking, and exercises such as pull-ups and rig work. Crafted from ultra-durable materials and inspired by military-style designs, these vests come in 7kg, 10kg, 15kg, and 20kg variations. With elasticated waist panels ensuring a snug fit, Force Fitness vests utilise thin weight plates for load, resulting in a slimmer profile suitable for dynamic movements like burpees and press-ups.

If your fitness routine includes running, hiking, or rucking, or if you prioritise exercises requiring agility and flexibility, the Force Fitness plate weighted vest is an excellent choice.

Gravity Fitness Block Weighted Vests

On the other hand, Gravity Fitness vests feature a shorter profile, making them perfect for gym workouts, bodyweight exercises, and functional training sessions. These vests utilise smaller cast iron weight blocks that can be adjusted to create various weights, allowing for customisation even during workouts. Available in 10kg, 20kg, and 30kg options, Gravity Fitness vests are constructed from durable nylon and feature adjustable shoulder straps and a sturdy Velcro closure to prevent movement during exercise.

Gravity Fitness vests excel in calisthenics and strength training workouts and exercises where a shorter profile is advantageous. 

Choosing the Right Weighted Vest

  1. Adjustability: If you prefer the flexibility to adjust weight regularly, Gravity Fitness weighted vests are the way to go.

  2. Activity Type: For running, walking, hiking, or rucking, opt for Force Fitness weighted vests.

  3. Training Focus: Gravity Fitness vests are suited for strength training workouts, while Force Fitness vests excel in dynamic activities.

  4. Profile Preference: Gravity Fitness offers shorter vests, whereas Force Fitness provides longer ones.

  5. Style Preference: Gravity Fitness vests use weight plates for a thinner profile, while Force Fitness vests utilize weight blocks.

Take a look at the full Force Fitness weighted vest range and Full Gravity Fitness range to find the perfect weighted vest for your training routine.

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