How to everyday carry (EDC) your outdoor workouts

How the everyday carry movement is revolutionising walks, hikes, and rucks

What does EDC stand for?

What is EDC and why is everyone from hikers to adventurers talking about it? EDC stands for “everyday carry”. EDC is part philosophy, part life outlook, and big part practicality. We love the concept of EDC for helping more people get out there exploring nature under their own steam. So let’s look at EDC for hiking, walking, and rucking so you can streamline your backpack.


What is everyday carry?

Everyday carry literally means the items you carry with you on a daily basis. It’s all the stuff you feel lost without – for most people this would mean phone, wallet, keys. EDC items aren’t sentimental, they’re useful. They’re the items you couldn’t get through the day without.


Why is everyday carry a good philosophy for hiking? 

As the famous saying goes: “prepare for the worst, hope for the best”. A good EDC will cover all eventualities and help you perform at your best when things are running smoothly.

The philosophy of EDC is built on functionality, utility, and organisation. Nail down your everyday carry, and life will be lighter and more streamlined (and you’ll hopefully have fewer problems). A good EDC means you can get where you need to be, communicate and be communicated with, and get home safely.

Can you use every day carry for outdoor sports?

EDC is the perfect partner for outdoor activities like hill walking, hiking, and rucking. You need to carry certain items with you for safety, navigation, comfort and communication, but you don’t want to be weighed down. It’s time to sort out your outdoor EDC. 


Why have an everyday carry kit for walks and hikes? 

EDC kits aren’t necessarily things you use every time you’re out, but they’re stuff you’d be immensely grateful for if you needed them. A good EDC kit makes sense for any outdoor adventure. Whilst you hope you won’t need a fully-charged powerpack or a pocket knife, the relief will be huge if you do. A hiking, walking or rucking everyday carry kit will keep you, your party, and strangers safe and out of trouble.


3 reasons hikers have an everyday carry kit 

Be prepared: your EDC items are peace of mind for handling tasks or dealing with unforeseen challenges. Whether it’s taking a photo of that amazing view, or triaging a nasty cut, your EDC items are close at hand. 

Autonomy: having your own everyday carry means you won’t have to rely on other people or strangers, which means you can set the pace and enjoy your outdoor adventure on your own terms. 

Save time and money: streamline what you carrying and you’ll find what you need quickly (and never have to buy in a panic), theoretically saving you money in a “buy for life” approach.


15 ways to EDC your walks and hikes 

  1. Charged powerpack/spare battery
  2. Necessary cables for all devices
  3. Multitool
  4. Pocket knife
  5. Small first aid kit
  6. Torch
  7. Thin outer layer or emergency blanket
  8. Spare socks
  9. Spare laces
  10. Gloves
  11. Keychain
  12. Pen and small notebook
  13. Lighter
  14. EDC rucksack
  15. High energy snacks


Best rucksack for EDC everyday carry

Now you’ve decided to create an everyday carry collection, what will you keep it in? Choose a good hiking rucksack or ruckpack that keeps your precious EDC safe, dry, free from bumps and scratches – and easily separated. Check out the Force Fitness ruckpacks and rucking backpacks for hard-working bags for your outdoor EDC.

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