Why hybrid training is the fitness style of the future

Bulletproof your body by becoming a hybrid athlete

We’re always looking for ways to train smarter – it’s the best way to keep evolving as an athlete. Hybrid training keeps things fresh, staves off injuries, and helps you build true all-round fitness. If you’re wondering exactly how to do it, here’s what you need to know.

What is hybrid fitness training?

Hybrid training is a way to combine different approaches to training so you get a bit of everything – strength work, functional fitness, cardio, and endurance. It means shifting away from a single focus, and using two or more training techniques at the same time. For example, you might do calisthenics and cycling. Or powerlifting and running.

Is multi-sport training hybrid training?

Good question. Triathletes have been mixing up their workouts for decades with swim, bike and run. But that’s not the kind of hybrid training we’re on about. After all, the three triathlon disciplines are all endurance cardio. To be a hybrid athlete, you need to combine some form of strength training and a type of cardio to build a rounded, adaptable training routine.

 Why is hybrid fitness training good for you?

Hybrid training has lots of benefits for your physical and mental fitness. Physically, you’ll avoid the pitfalls of focusing on one training style and neglecting other areas. Hybrid training is good for your mental wellbeing, too. It helps you avoid burnout and getting stuck in a rut and encourages you to branch out and try new things.

If you’re a gym fan, hybrid training gets you outdoors working on your base fitness and endurance. If you’re a keen endurance athlete, hybrid training encourages you to work on strength, stability, and upper body stuff. 

Regardless of your training background, becoming a hybrid athlete will balance out your approach to training so you become stronger, fitter, and more capable of taking on a challenge.

7 benefits of hybrid training

Tackles imbalances – hybrid training encourages you to address the bits of training you’re not naturally drawn to. Cardio and endurance fans will get stronger, and strength trainers will build a better engine

Builds strength – by adding strength or resistance training to your routine you’ll get stronger and more powerful which will translate into faster cardio times

Avoids plateaus – without new stimulus, your body will eventually hit a plateau - hybrid training introduces new ways for your body to adapt

Fitter and healthier – adding in more cardio and endurance work helps you get CV fit, which has benefits for your heart health and long-term wellbeing. 

Keeps training fresh – hybrid training will introduce you to new styles of workout and perhaps new sports, which will fire up your motivation for training at any time of life

 Fewer over-use injuries – sticking to one style of training for years isn’t optimal for your body or mind, and you can avoid imbalances and injuries through a hybrid approach

 Discover new opportunities – hybrid training will introduce you to new sports, locations, people, events, challenges and training styles to keep life interesting!

 How to start hybrid training

 Ready to start hybrid training? The first step is to identify the gaps in your existing training. Do you need to do more strength work, cardio, endurance training or conditioning?

 Once you’ve figured out what you need to add in, it’s a question of choosing workouts. There are no rules - as long as you end up with a rounded approach to training across the month, you can try anything you like.

 If you need strength training: try weight training, calisthenics, functional strength

 If you need cardio: try swimming, rowing machine, gym cardio machines

If you need endurance: try running, cycling, rucking or fast hiking

If you need conditioning: try CrossFit sessions, HIIT workouts, sprints

 Remember, becoming a hybrid athlete is about enjoying your training. Choose workouts and sports that appeal, and don’t be afraid to switch things up. Hybrid athletes are flexible and adaptable!

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