Why Snowdon should be on your fitness challenge radar

Looking for an outdoor challenge – why not train to climb Mount Snowdon?

What is Snowdon?

Snowdon, or Yr Wyddfa to give it its Welsh name, is the highest mountain in Wales and the highest point in the whole of the British Isles outside of the epic Scottish Highlands.

It’s in Snowdonia National Park, in Northwest Wales, and is 1,085 m above sea level. Compare this to Ben Nevis (1.345m) and Scafell Pike (978m) and you can see why Snowdon is such a draw for walkers, hikers, and climbers.

How do you climb Mount Snowdon? 

Snowdon is a really popular climb, in fact it’s the busiest mountain in the UK with more than half a million people making the hike every year. There are six recommended walking routes to the summit of Snowdon, all of them perfectly doable for fit and healthy people like you! The best months to walk Snowdon are April-September, so get your calendar out and earmark the challenge now.

Can you climb Mount Snowdon by yourself?

 You don’t have to book or register to walk up Snowdon, and you can do it by yourself if you want to. Obviously there are certain safety measures to be aware of, just as there would be with any long hike somewhere new. But yes, you can just rock up and walk Snowdon.

That said, there are organised groups and guides if you feel you’d be more confident (or have a better experience) with an expert on hand. You don’t need any specialist equipment asides from decent walking shoes or boots, walking socks, waterproof overlayers, hat and gloves. 

How fit do you have to be to walk Snowdon?

Despite being one of the most famous mountains in the UK, Snowdon is a reasonable walk even for beginners. It’s definitely well within your limits if you already train, do sport, or regularly hike. We definitely recommend you do some Snowdon-specific training, of course. It’s about the journey, not just the destination!

How hard is it to walk Snowdon?

Snowdon might not be the world’s toughest mountain challenge, but it’s not a walk in the park. All of the routes are classified as hard or strenuous (you are climbing a mountain, after all!) and most people take 6-8 hours to walk up and back. The entire route there and back is 7-9 miles, but of course it’s not just about the distance. You also need to train for the incline, terrain, and changes in conditions.

 How to train to climb Snowdon

  1. Increase your weekly step count
  2. Include one 5+ mile midweek walk and a long weekend walk
  3. Prioritise uphill walks for 4-6 weeks prior to Snowdon
  4. Include at least one x 10-mile walk on the flat
  5. Focus on strength training for your legs and back
  6. Think about time on your feet as well as distance
  7. Do a practice run on a smaller summit
  8. Consider walking in a weighted vest during training

Can you do Mount Snowdon in a weighted vest?

 If you want an extra challenge, you can walk Snowdon in a weighted vest, but we recommend you get used to long and hilly walks in the vest first. Why not do a smaller peak in a weighted vest then decide whether you want to do your first Snowdon climb with it? You can always go back and do Snowdon a second time – in a weighted vest!

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