How To Adjust Your Weighted Vest

So, you have your new weighted vest and you’re ready to start pushing yourself to the limit to the hit (and exceed) your fitness goals - but are you wearing the vest correctly?

To get the most out of your weighted vest,  it should fit snug to your body, neither being too tight or too loose. Luckily, at Force Fitness, all our weighted vests are fully adjustable, ensuring you can get the best fit possible, with your vest working your body, rather than getting in the way or being uncomfortable. 

In just a few simple steps, you can learn how to fully adjust your weighted vest! 

How To Adjust Your Weighted Vest


We advise fully adjusting your vest before the first use and then again only if necessary. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you at: 

Now you know how to adjust your vest, why not take a look at some weighted vest workouts you can do at home?

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