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It’s not walking, it’s rucking.

Rucking is the exercise that does it all. By walking with weight, you get fit without cardio and build muscle without the gym.

All you need is some weight on your back.

Get started with rucking by shopping our range of weighted ruckpacks (rucking backpacks) or weighted plate carriers.

Step 1: add weight to a pack
You can use any decent rucksack for rucking, but it makes sense to use a purpose-build ruckpack and weights that will be comfortable and durable.

Step 2: adjust for comfort
Make sure the weight is distributed evenly across your back, with shoulder and chest straps of your ruckpack or plate carrier tightened snugly.

Step 3: shoes, socks, essentials
You wouldn’t run in beaten up old trainers. Choose rucking footwear that’s supportive and comfortable. And carry your phone and water.

Step 4: start rucking
Rucking is the art of walking or hiking with weight on your back. You can choose any distance, any duration, and any incline. Start with shorter, flatter routes.

What Gear do you need?

Force Fitness Rucking Backpack

Our rucking backpack is designed to carry rucking weights and all your essentials with plenty of internal pockets. Fully-adjustable comfort so you can focus on the path ahead. Buy as backpack only, or add weight in 5kg increments. Ultra-durable, hard-wearing, and ready when you are.


Force Fitness Rucking Plate Carrier

Our rucking plate carrier is slimmer than a backpack, sitting close to the body with weight plates held snugly inside. It’s a streamlined ruckpack/weighted vest hybrid that’s perfect when you don’t want to carry a ton of extra rucking kit. Add 5kg and 10kg weight plates to design your own load.

Why ruck?

Rucking is the ultimate full-body exercise that works endurance, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. And it’s fun, too. All you need to do is get some weight on your back then head out with friends, with the dog, or by yourself.

The options are endless.

Rucking is simple
All you need is walking gear and some weight on your back. The rest is just walking.

Rucking can be done anywhere
If you can walk it, you can ruck it. Rucking is suitable for town, cities, or countryside.

Rucking is for everyone
If you want walk, you can ruck. Rucking is simple to start and easy to build up.

Rucking is good for the mind
Rucking has all the mental wellbeing benefits of exercising outdoors in fresh air.

Rucking gets you out in nature
Research shows that time in nature is great for stress, mood, and emotional health. 

Rucking is resistance training
With weight on your back, you can ruck to build muscle and strength without a gym.

Rucking gets you seriously fit 
Rucking is an effective way to build fitness and endurance without the need to run.

Rucking burns calories
Rucking burns far more calories than walking, and almost as many as running. 

Rucking is social
Ruck with friends for an uplifting, mood-boosting workout that will feel great. 

Want more rucking info?
Check out the Force Fitness blog for articles about how to get started, the benefits of rucking, and why everyone should ruck.

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