Fitness Tests of the Jungla Unit: Colombian National Police’s Elite Force

Inspired by Netflix Toughest Forces on Earth we look at the Jungla unit of the Colombian National Police, known officially as the Compañía Jungla Antinarcóticos, is renowned for its rigorous training and demanding fitness standards. Aspiring members must endure a series of physical and mental challenges that test their endurance, strength, agility, and mental resilience. Here’s a detailed look at the fitness standards and tests that candidates must pass to become part of this elite force.

Physical Fitness Requirements

To be considered for the Jungla unit, candidates must first meet stringent physical fitness criteria. These requirements ensure that only the most physically capable individuals advance to the intensive training phase. The basic fitness standards include:

  1. Running: Candidates must complete a 1.6 Kilometer run in under 8 minutes.
  2. Push-ups: A minimum of 60 push-ups in two minutes. This exercise tests upper body strength and endurance.
  3. Sit-ups: Candidates must perform at least 70 sit-ups in two minutes, evaluating core strength and endurance.
  4. Pull-ups: A minimum of 12 pull-ups are required. This exercise measures upper body and grip strength, essential for activities such as rappelling from helicopters.
  5. Swimming: Candidates must demonstrate swimming proficiency by completing a 100-meter swim within a set time. Swimming skills are vital for river crossings and waterborne operations.

Specialized Fitness Tests

Once candidates meet the basic fitness requirements, they undergo a series of specialized tests designed to mimic the physical demands of jungle warfare and counter-narcotic operations. These tests include:

  1. Obstacle Course: The obstacle course is a timed event that includes climbing walls, crawling under barbed wire, navigating through mud pits, and other challenges. This test assesses agility, coordination, and the ability to overcome physical obstacles under pressure.
  2. Ruck March: Candidates must complete a 20-kilometer ruck march carrying a 20-kg pack. This test evaluates endurance, leg strength, and the ability to perform under load, simulating the conditions of long patrols in the jungle.
  3. Combat Drills: Candidates engage in simulated combat drills, which include sprints, carrying heavy objects, and performing tactical maneuvers. These drills test the ability to maintain high physical performance while executing combat tasks.

Psychological and Environmental Stress Tests

The Jungla training program also incorporates tests designed to evaluate psychological resilience and the ability to perform under extreme environmental conditions:

  1. Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue: Candidates are subjected to sleep deprivation and extended periods of physical activity to assess their mental toughness and decision-making capabilities under fatigue.
  2. Heat and Humidity Exposure: Training often takes place in environments with high heat and humidity to acclimatize candidates to the conditions they will face in the jungle. This tests their ability to maintain performance in challenging climates.
  3. Survival Skills: Candidates undergo survival training, including finding food and water, building shelters, and evading capture. These skills are critical for jungle operations where resupply may not be possible.

Ongoing Physical Fitness Maintenance

Once accepted into the Jungla unit, members must maintain their physical fitness through regular training and periodic fitness tests. Continuous physical conditioning is necessary to ensure readiness for the demanding operations they undertake. This ongoing regimen includes strength training, cardiovascular exercises, martial arts, and tactical drills.


The rigorous fitness standards and tests of the Jungla unit are designed to ensure that only the most physically and mentally resilient individuals become part of this elite force. Their training prepares them for the extreme demands of jungle warfare and counter-narcotic operations, ensuring they are always ready to perform at the highest level in the most challenging environments. Through relentless physical conditioning and specialized training, the Jungla unit remains one of the world’s premier counter-narcotic forces.

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